Our engineered hardwood flooring is made up of two main elements: the top wear layer and the core platform. The core of our floors is made up of stacked layers of plywood. This stacking design acts as a means to allow the flooring to counteract the effects of humidity on natural wood, allowing each board to expand and contract without warping or cupping. The top layer of our engineered hardwood floors is constructed using Russian White Oak. With engineered hardwood flooring, you get the functionality and toughness that the core allows, as well as the refined beauty of the real hardwood top layer that is indistinguishable to the eye from solid hardwood.

  • Engineered hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly. We avoid waste by using less lumber than with solid wood floors.
  • Available in two thickness: 3/4” (5mm wear layer on 15mm plywood platform) and 5/8” (4mm wear layer on 12mm plywood platform).
  • Flooring must be installed by a professional wood floor installer.
  • Download Installation Instructions (PDF)
  • Download Warranty (PDF)