About Siberian

For more than 20 years, Siberian Floors has manufactured exceptional wide plank flooring for private residences, hotels, restaurants, and retail locations worldwide. Through our unique approach, we are able to redefine what it means to have a custom floor that is unmatched in quality and worthy of a lifetime of enjoyment. Patterns, treatments, grades and plank dimensions can all be customized based on the final design objectives.

Wood is a natural “living” material, and since our Siberian lumber comes from selective regions with particular climates, it ensures that our product is both resilient and enduring – something our customers highly value. Our wood floors are crafted from start to finish at our state-of-art manufacturing facility outside Moscow, Russia. Every plank is precision-milled to order and treated with a non-toxic vegetable-based hardwax oil that enhances the natural character of the wood, providing a durable finish that seals and protects.